Artificial Turf Lawns are becoming the new normal throughout neighborhoods in the United States. Beyond having a great looking lawn year round, homeowners have found synthetic grass to be a beautiful money saving investment. And for all those same reasons artificial turf is also a great landscaping alternative for commercial properties as well.

No Need to Water
In other words, a lower monthly water bill because you save roughly 55 gallons of water per square foot, per year. No headaches with broken sprinklers, irrigation pipes, etc. and the labor associated with buying and replacing these irrigation system parts.

No Need to Mow
We will admit that there are some people that enjoy this chore on the other hand we suspect it’s a fraction of a small percentage. Having to buy a mower and maintain and store it and then having to mow in +90° heat isn’t considered much fun for many people. With synthetic grass – no mower required. Spend your time and/or money elsewhere!


No Maintenance
Technically it’s more correct to say “virtually maintenance free” because from time to time you may want to use a leaf blower and occasionally water it down should it become a little too dusty. But other than this there just isn’t any other maintenance required.

We have sold and installed synthetic grass at; gas stations, strip malls, high end hotels, commercial office parks, amusement parks, private schools, pet kennels, and the list goes on… The benefits of synthetic grass installations also apply for businesses and commercial properties. Why not have a perfectly groomed lawn that looks good all year round at your business property, a lawn that is yes attractive but also durable and will save you water, money and time!

If you value first impressions as crucial then consider the appearance of your commercial property. Ensuring that the surrounding landscape of your commercial property is beautiful and attractive will definitely provide a positive first impression. Artificial turf allows you to showcase your property in a positive light, giving you the opportunity to advertise your space as a well maintained and eco-friendly institution.

Artificial turf is built to last and endure daily foot traffic from your employees and customers, looking as green and luscious as the day of the installation. Additionally, you won’t need to hire a landscaper to maintain the lawn and you’ll save money on water, fertilizer, and other supplies. Maintaining a commercial property is a costly venture, so saving where you can will help your bottom line.

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