We have seen artificial turf or synthetic grass installed in a variety of unique ways over the years. Beyond front & backyard lawn installations it can be used in some unique ways both indoor and out that transform these spaces into attractive, luxurious, and functional areas. The use in these types of applications can be permanent or more temporary such as for an event or party.

Indoor Home Decor
Do you have an extra room in your house that could use a bit of lively decor, artificial turf is the perfect option. Creating a fun and unique room in any home will provide a one-of-a-kind feature that the whole family can enjoy! Consider accenting the walls or floors of a room with synthetic grass how about an indoor putting green? Artificial turf allows your creative ideas to come to life without the hassle of maintenance.

Gym & Work Out Areas
Take your workouts to the next level with artificial grass. The synthetic grass surface allows for a variety of activity from stretching to strength training. You can surpass your workout expectations with a good looking, durable, and sustainable surface. Because of the resilience and versatility of synthetic grass, it has become a favored landscape solution for gyms, fitness centers, and workout facilities. Whether you’re a newcomer to the fitness world or training for a marathon, artificial turf provides a non-abrasive, low impact surface that will allow you to reach your fitness goals.

Pool Edging

Consider surrounding your pool with artificial turf. It creates a low maintenance, durable and convenient landscape alternative while providing a safe environment. Slippery decks are a concern for most households, especially those that include children. Synthetic grass allows residents and parents to feel safe when their little ones are running around by the pool. Apart from being a safe solution, artificial turf is capable of draining well and keeps your pool cleaner from dirt or debris that would eventually end up in your filtration system. Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance and will allow you to enjoy your days by the pool without the worry of slippery wet decks.

Corporate Settings-Liven up Your Office Space
Have you ever seen a logo or company name made with artificial turf? Synthetic Grass placed applied as a wall or floor covering can create a good first impressions and even lead to a relaxing atmosphere. Artificial grass can add the “it” factor to any work space. How many times have you visited an office and thought about how mundane it looked? By adding a fresh and updated look to a lobby or conference room, you’re showing customers, prospects, and your staff that you care for the appearance of your company. Consider changing that generic office space to one enhanced with the aesthetic appeal of artificial grass!

Man Cave or Garage
Synthetic Grass or Artificial Turf isn’t just for outside use, it is becoming popular for indoor use as well. It can be used as flooring for gyms and work out areas for example there are unique ways to incorporate it into “man cave”. It is easy to care for and more convenient than carpet when it comes to durability and daily wear and tear. Artificial turf adds a unique touch to a room and brings a little of the outdoors inside, especially during the winter. Artificial turf makes an ideal carpet for any type of man cave. Many people have even put it in basements to avoid having to worry about carpet being damaged due to excessive moisture. It can be vacuumed just like regular carpet but offers the feel of natural grass. The dark green color compliments almost any color of furniture. It is easy to install and does not require heavy maintenance, just a good vacuuming occasionally which also keeps the blades standing upright.

Whether you’re looking to update the landscape of your home, gym, or office space, synthetic grass can transform these and other spaces into practical, unique, and functional areas!

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