Hassle-Free Artificial Grass Installation in Burbank

A majority of the population in Burbank are starting to adopt versatile landscaping solutions such as artificial grass. It is not just being preferred by homeowners but also by several commercial establishments and organizations in Burbank. Its applications are limitless. From athletic training facilities, schools, and municipalities to business and homeowners, synthetic or artificial grass is preferred as a long term solution over natural grass.

Are you looking for trusted synthetic grass landscapers in Burbank for consultation or installation service? Look no further! You’ve arrived at just the right place. We are a team of landscaping experts who have been serving Burbank and California for over two decades. We are proud to say that we are a leading provider of artificial grass products and landscaping services in Burbank.

At Lawn Kings, we have served thousands of homeowners and businesses in the region over the last two decades. We provide end-to-end services to our clients as a full-service landscape solution provider. Whether you want to transform your backyard into a lush, synthetic grass lawn or add curb appeal to your residential or commercial property in Burbank with a faux turf, we are here to turn your dreams into reality.


Commercial establishments and other organisations in Burbank and surrounding neighborhoods use synthetic grass to create large grass yards, putting greens, living areas, playgrounds, and sports fields, among other things.

This is because at Lawn Kings, you get high-quality synthetic grass in Burbank which is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. This is probably why you must have noticed it in public places such as pools, schools, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, recreation areas, among others. Commercial establishments are opting for the same as they have understood that installing artificial grass is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of an existing space while saving money on water, utilities, and routine maintenance.

For many business owners in Burbank, installing artificial grass isn’t just about making a great first impression by boosting the curb appeal. It is believed to be a wise investment decision. After all, artificial turf offers numerous advantages for businesses such as:

  • Artificial turf has a high resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Drought-resistant artificial turf will help you save water on your property.
  • There are numerous design and style options available to complement the existing design and theme of your commercial property.
  • Simple to care for; no mowing required
  • It’s tough, but it’s also safer for everyday use, sports, and so on.

Artificial Grass For Homeowners in Burbank

In Burbank, artificial grass is already a popular material for residential landscaping. Drought has forced California homeowners to reconsider natural grass lawns. Many people in Burbank and surrounding cities have already switched to synthetic grass lawns.

However, homeowners do not use artificial grass solely for front or back yard lawns. They use synthetic grass in a variety of ways based on their needs and design preferences. While some people use synthetic grass to soften their balconies or rooftops, others want to make their driveways, patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces look more stylish.

You can also convert a playroom into an indoor playground for children and pets, or build an indoor putting green. Because synthetic grass is flexible and can be cut to any size, you can use it to cover structural deformities or unsightly objects in your backyard. You can even carpet your living room with fake grass or create a focal point with a turf wall.

When you consider the savings in time, effort, and money, residential artificial grass installations provide a high return on investment over time. These improvements also help to increase the resale value of residential properties.

Installing Artificial Grass Step by Step

As artificial grass installation is a time-consuming process, we suggest that you have your artificial yard installed  by experienced professionals. The quality of the faux grass being installed will determine how it will look once it is installed. To put things into perspective, it is imperative that you hire skilled landscapers who use quality material during installation so that the lawn turns out exactly the way you imagined. 

To begin, we will employ the use of a sod cutter. About four inches is cut which is sufficient to remove most of the roots and grass. Depending on the terrain, we may need to use different tools like shovel, bobcat, roto-tiller, etc.

After the sod has been cut, we roll it up and load it into our dump truck or trailer. Following that, we excavate four to five inches into turf. The appropriate type of aggregate, which may be a mixture of different types of foundation rock, is then dumped and spread. Water drains much better through this aggregate base than through natural soil.

The faux grass is then finally rolled out on the surface before being cut to the lengths required to fit each section of the yard. To make it look aesthetically pleasing and more natural, we unroll the synthetic turf and broom the synthetic grass fibres up to create a more natural multi-directional appearance, as well as prepare the fake grass fibres for the infill (if necessary) to be worked down to the turf fibres.

Lawn Kings – Your Trusted Artificial Grass Landscaper in Burbank

Lawn Kings offers a variety of synthetic grass products for Burbank residents and businesses to choose from. Choose from our wide range of products by taking into account the area you live in, how you want your synthetic grass lawn to look, how much wear and tear you expect it to withstand comfortably, and other factors.

Whether you need the turf for recreational activities, aesthetic purposes, residential use, Lawn Kings has a wide selection of synthetic turf to choose from. At any given time, we have over 35 different types of artificial grass products in stock.

For highly durable sports fields, we have extremely durable artificial turf made from Polyethylene & Monoslide yarn that has high tensile strength and can withstand extreme wear & tear while preventing common athletic injuries.

We offer high-end synthetic grass made from Polyethylene Fiber with a triple-layer backing for exterior and interior purposes in homes or commercial properties. It is available in Burbank in a variety of colours, including Hunter Green, Olive Green, Emerald Green, and Kings Combo Mix.

So, if you are searching for a reputable, trusted, and licensed team of landscaping experts in Burbank, look no further than Lawn Kings. Rest assured your property will be in the safest hands in the city. We have been a professional landscaper designer in Burbank, California for over twenty years. And not just that, we are BBB-accredited and have been providing world-class services in the region since 1996.

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