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Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass is convenient and offers a lot of versatility. It’s no surprise that this lush, picture-perfect grass has made its way beyond sports such as football fields, golf courses, and other facilities to become more common in residential and business settings. Are you thinking about installing fake grass on your terrace, balcony, or yard? Is your Glendale business in need of artificial grass? Our team of professionals can help.

We are the leading supplier of artificial grass products for a variety of purposes in Glendale and other areas in Southern California. Our staff can turn any place, indoors or outdoors, into a work of art. Contact us any time to view a sample of our work.

Because of the simplicity and variety it provides, an increasing number of homeowners and businesses in Glendale and surrounding regions have adopted synthetic grass for landscaping in recent years. The good thing about faux grass or turf is that it possesses a lush green appearance and is always well-maintained. It remains aesthetically pleasing throughout the year. It is not damaged by severe sunlight, rain, or cold, unlike genuine grass. Most importantly, it requires no upkeep.

When compared to natural grass, towns, sporting bodies, residential apartments, and businesses that utilize synthetic grass for landscaping in Glendale believe to breathe benefits such as lower long-term expenditures, low maintenance, and all-weather use. And above all that, synthetic grass has been lauded for its environmental friendliness. Simply put, it does not require pesticides, herbicides, watering, or mowing. But these benefits do not compromise its aesthetic appeal. In fact, artificial grass or turf resembles actual, well-kept grass. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for any property owner.

So, look no further than Lawn Kings for a reliable artificial grass installation company in Glendale? We are a pioneer landscaping service company in the region. Rest assured, you will get the quality service you expect from us. Request for an estimate today.

How Residence Owners Use Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, depending on its form and function, can support a plethora of concepts. Lawns and feature walls, as well as private putting greens, play areas, and other amenities. 

Here are the most common ways Glendale residents now use faux grass in their homes:

  • Rooftop Green Areas – It is impractical to keep a living circle cover on rooftops or balconies. You may transform such a place into a personal garden with potted plants and top that with artificial grass to enhance the overall appeal of the place. 
  • Playing Fields: Synthetic grass can be used to create visually pleasing play spaces for children and pets. It is much softer than a deck or patio. This is why it is also used as a play area or dog run space.
  • Rugs: Grass rugs can improve the comfort of tiny living spaces. With a minimal investment, you can create a beautiful, pleasant space for all of your family members. Faux grass rugs are quite robust. They can readily survive the daily wear and tear in home settings.
  • Yards: You can create a lawn in your front or back yard using synthetic grass. As it is not natural and is made synthetically, it is resistant to both heat and frost and is ideal for outdoor lawns. We also have UV-resistant synthetic grass, so do not worry about the choices.

By offering a splash of greenery, synthetic grass can brighten and embellish any dreary room. Artificial grass planted with care in a Glendale house will improve its curb appeal while also increasing the home’s resale value. This is especially true for residential buildings in locations with continuous drought conditions, such as most cities in Southern California.

Businesses Are Opting for Synthetic Grass in Glendale

As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of aesthetics. And artificial grass can increase the beauty of your building manifolds. It can help entice your target audience and in a certain way gain trust.

Yes, synthetic turf is an excellent choice for creating an ideal lawn. But that is not it. You have to continue moving Synthetic turf can also be used to make putting greens or pet areas. You can also have a rooftop garden — a peaceful place for your staff to unwind. Having such a place helps increase positivity and in turn, keeps the employees motivated. These subtle benefits may feel small today but in hindsight, these are the reasons why only a few companies pass the threshold of success.

Synthetic or faux grass can be used for landscaping in any way you see suitable. In other words, it can be installed around a pool or the terrace of your building. Furthermore, in individual cabins, the common area, or the conference hall, you can carpet the floor with synthetic turf or have a grassy wall. This will give your office a unique identity.

Artificial turf no longer has to be gritty and unrealistic. Lawn Kings offers realistic-looking artificial turf that can resist the elements (such as heat and frost) as well as heavy foot traffic. You’re in luck if you’re seeking artificial turf in Glendale that matches the color tone of California natural grass.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Glendale

Having a beautiful yard adds immense value to the aesthetic beauty of your building. With synthetic grass, your yard will look organized whether it is summers, falls, or winters. But that is not the only advantage of installing faux grass, it provides a plethora of long-term savings and benefits.

In Southern California, for example, policymakers, environmental activists, and others have been pressing households and businesses to make ‘water conservation’ a way of life. Installing synthetic grass is one of the most effective ways to implement eco-friendly home improvement strategies.

The following are the primary advantages of artificial grass for homeowners:

  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic materials are used.
  • Both children and pets are safe.
  • Water is only needed when you need to rinse it off, which is especially important if you have pets.
  • It doesn’t need pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to stay gorgeous and bug-free.
  • There’s no need to worry about grass illnesses, muddy puddles, or weeds and pests.
  • It is extremely long-lasting and can survive both the environment and daily wear and tear Dig-proof for dogs.
  • fade- and stain-resistant.
  • Gas-powered lawnmowers are not required thereby reducing pollution. 
  • With no ongoing lawn care costs, high-quality synthetic grass planted by our skilled landscapers in Glendale pays for itself in a matter of years. Over time, artificial grass can only collect dust, trash, and pet hair. As a result, you may only need to rinse the grass fibers with a hose every few weeks. 
  • Spills are easily cleaned up because synthetic grass is stain-resistant.

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