Artificial Turf & Weeds


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a perfectly green lawn all year long, through each and every season? How about a lawn that requires virtually no maintenance or expense, and more importantly a lawn that doesn’t require your time to maintain? This is the description or very definition of a synthetic grass lawn. Artificial turf has many other benefits but you’ll notice we used the term “virtually maintenance free” because in actual fact there are a few things to do on rare occasion. A leaf blower occasionally. Spot cleaning as needed with Simple Green or water and a light scrub. Once [...]

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Environmental Reasons to Install Synthetic Grass


You’ve heard of synthetic grass or artificial turf and you may be thinking, ‘why bother to install synthetic grass my lawn is beautiful and healthy now?’ We’re sure you realize there are many factors involved in keeping and maintaining a natural grass lawn such as watering, use of fertilizers, keeping pests away, and of course maintenance. When you next fire up that lawn mower or spend an extra 30 minutes watering the lawn or are fighting off gophers and rabbits, take a moment to consider synthetic grass. Many methods and work required to maintain a natural lawn not only affect you [...]

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