Why Select LAWN KINGS Synthetic Grass?


Why Select LAWN KINGS Synthetic Grass? There are numerous and compelling reasons to select synthetic grass, regardless of the supplier or installer, however having a good installation by an experienced crew is paramount. Take house painting for example, you could have the best most expensive paint in the world but if the painter is inexperienced, doesn’t prepare the surface properly, does poor work, etc. you will end up with a finished project you won’t like. Compelling Reasons to Select Synthetic Grass Tired – seems like an odd reason, right? Yet we have heard from homeowners and managers of commercial properties [...]

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Lawn Kings – Synthetic Turf Maintenance & Care


LAWN KINGS INC. - Synthetic Grass Specialists Lawn Kings synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. With just a few products and a little labor you can keep your turf looking fantastic for years. Maintain the Clean It’s not widely known or promoted often that the installation of synthetic grass is clean. To start with the turf fibers themselves are made of polypropylene the same material used to make disposable eating utensils, baby bottles, etc. Consider that natural soil and sod typically attract a variety of bugs, grubs, and mosquitos for example. Since synthetic turf uses a base material that is compacted [...]

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