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Artificial Turf the New Normal In the last few years artificial turf has become a new normal for homeowners, landscape architects & designers, and public and commercial property managers. A new normal in the sense that for a new property it an option that is considered right up front. Certainly it is more expensive compared to natural grass but the difference is not as great as it once was and of course the synthetic grass designs today even look more natural. For older properties, we heard countless times that people are just tired of having to maintain and yes even replace [...]

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Artificial Turf vs. Natural SOD Cost Analysis


Synthetic Grass Cost Analysis Rather than writing paragraphs and paragraphs we’re thinking we’d like to show you the money – so to speak. Please see the figures presented below for an analysis Synthetic Grass Cost / Artificial Turf Cost vs. Natural Sod.  Conservatively, you can expect to break even on your investment in synthetic grass in 4 or 5 years. One real world item to consider is, in our experience and maybe yours as well, is that we have completed projects where homeowners and commercial property owners/managers have replaced the natural sod in their yards or areas; 2, 3, 4, and [...]

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