Lawn Kings: Synthetic Grass / Artificial Turf Price Guide 2021


HOW MUCH DOES SYNTHTIC GRASS / ARTIFICIAL TURF COST TO INSTALL? This will be a rather long and very detailed explanation. It is meant for those of you who Guys & Gals who want to dig into the nuts and bolts of a typical Lawn Kings Synthetic Grass Installation. But if you’re looking for a short and quick answer now just give us a call for a Free Over-The-Phone Estimate: (661) 310-9375 or (818) 340-3640. We will ask you a few basic questions; Front Yard, Backyard – both? Approximate Square Footage or Dimensions? If you don’t know that’s not a problem [...]

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47,590 New Homes and Santa Clarita Valley


Landscaping & Synthetic Grass CSLB #944369 47,590 New Homes and Santa Clarita Valley The “sweet life” we suppose is anywhere that’s comfortable for you, be it California, New York, or elsewhere.  Ghostbuters II, Peter Venkman: Only a *Carpathian* would…  choose New York! - If you had brain one..., you would be living the sweet life out in Southern California's beautiful San Fernando Valley! Southern California certainly isn’t everyone's ideal place to live but large housing developers and well known home builders are certainly counting on a lot of people across the country to be interested. Six major housing development projects are [...]

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Financing Artificial Grass or Synthetic Turf


There are a number of ways to finance an artificial turf lawn project. We know about and have experience with these home improvement financing options and organizations. HERO Program First we’d like to mention the organization we have had the most experience with because it is the number one renewable energy finance program in the United States and offers financing for over 150,000 renewable energy products which includes artificial grass. Our turf products are registered with this program being one. The HERO program (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) partners with local governments in over 17 counties across California to make renewable energy [...]

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ROI: Artificial Turf, Synthetic Grass


Artificial Turf the New Normal In the last few years artificial turf has become a new normal for homeowners, landscape architects & designers, and public and commercial property managers. A new normal in the sense that for a new property it an option that is considered right up front. Certainly it is more expensive compared to natural grass but the difference is not as great as it once was and of course the synthetic grass designs today even look more natural. For older properties, we heard countless times that people are just tired of having to maintain and yes even replace [...]

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Artificial Turf and Your Kids


When it comes to your young ones running around, it’s important to create a safe and reliable area for them to play and have outdoor fun. Kids should have a dependable and durable surface that will allow them to enjoy themselves. A synthetic grass lawn is a great landscape alternative that is not only beautiful year round but one that is also very safe. Lawn Kings synthetic grass utilizes polypropylene in the manufacture of the turf fibers. The same material used to manufacture; disposable eating utensils, baby bottles, and Rubbermaid® products, for example. So, the synthetic grass product is very safe [...]

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Artificial Turf: Say Goodbye To Mud, Sticks, Twigs, Standing Water & Bugs


Having artificial grass contributes to your community by helping with water conservation, a reduction in greenhouse gases from the mow and blow activity, and not being a source of allergens. At a household level artificial turf is an investment that pays for itself and allows you more leisure time. It eliminates virtually all issues with mud, sticks, and twigs being dragged into the house by kids and pets. In addition no more puddles or standing water on your lawn or mud being tracked into your home’s clean floors. Synthetic grass is an easily maintained with only a leaf blower a brush [...]

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Why consider Synthetic Grass or Artificial Turf?


Synthetic Turf or Artificial Grass is an excellent option for your yard. Here are just a few reasons to consider; No Need to Water In other words, a lower monthly water bill because you save roughly 55 gallons of water per square foot, per year. No headaches with broken sprinklers, irrigation pipes, etc. and the labor associated with buying and replacing these irrigation system parts. No Need to Mow We will admit that there are some people that enjoy this chore on the other hand we suspect it’s a fraction of a small percentage. Having to buy a mower and maintain [...]

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Unique Ways To Use Artificial Grass


We have seen artificial turf or synthetic grass installed in a variety of unique ways over the years. Beyond front & backyard lawn installations it can be used in some unique ways both indoor and out that transform these spaces into attractive, luxurious, and functional areas. The use in these types of applications can be permanent or more temporary such as for an event or party. Indoor Home Decor Do you have an extra room in your house that could use a bit of lively decor, artificial turf is the perfect option. Creating a fun and unique room in any home [...]

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Artificial Turf & Weeds


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a perfectly green lawn all year long, through each and every season? How about a lawn that requires virtually no maintenance or expense, and more importantly a lawn that doesn’t require your time to maintain? This is the description or very definition of a synthetic grass lawn. Artificial turf has many other benefits but you’ll notice we used the term “virtually maintenance free” because in actual fact there are a few things to do on rare occasion. A leaf blower occasionally. Spot cleaning as needed with Simple Green or water and a light scrub. Once [...]

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Why Select LAWN KINGS Synthetic Grass?


Why Select LAWN KINGS Synthetic Grass? There are numerous and compelling reasons to select synthetic grass, regardless of the supplier or installer, however having a good installation by an experienced crew is paramount. Take house painting for example, you could have the best most expensive paint in the world but if the painter is inexperienced, doesn’t prepare the surface properly, does poor work, etc. you will end up with a finished project you won’t like. Compelling Reasons to Select Synthetic Grass Tired – seems like an odd reason, right? Yet we have heard from homeowners and managers of commercial properties [...]

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