Artificial Turf the New Normal

In the last few years artificial turf has become a new normal for homeowners, landscape architects & designers, and public and commercial property managers. A new normal in the sense that for a new property it an option that is considered right up front.

Certainly it is more expensive compared to natural grass but the difference is not as great as it once was and of course the synthetic grass designs today even look more natural. For older properties, we heard countless times that people are just tired of having to maintain and yes even replace the natural sod.

Synthetic Grass Investment Saves You Money

Artificial turf allows homeowners to save money in the long run. Danny Lipford host of the Today’s Homeowner TV and radio show estimates that it takes about .623 gallons of water to irrigate a square foot of a real grass lawn.

A lawn with dimensions of 25’x30’ which equals 750 square feet, requires 467 gallons of water each time you water your lawn – that’s over 170,000 gallons a year!

To maintain the lawn Home Advisor estimates homeowners spend about $214-$322 per month on lawn maintenance and services! This includes mowing, weeding,  fertilizer, and pesticide treatments. This number is high and avoidable with an artificial lawn.

The Break Down:

WATER: $.004 for a gallon of water. And so, $.004 x 467 gallons used each day = $1.86 per day x 365 = $679 per year for watering only.

LAWN MAINTENANCE & SERVICE: $300 per month or $3,600 per year.

Annually then the cost for a healthy well maintained lawn are $4,279.

The average install rate to install an artificial turf lawn is about $8 per square foot. So for 750 sq ft the complete installed price if synthetic grass is about $6,000. The with this example and figures it would take a little over 2 years to get a return on the investment.

Average Break Even

We find the true return period is more like 4-5 years depending on how much is actually spent on Lawn & Maintenance Service. On the other hand it should be considered to that homeowners and public and private projects have had to replace the natural sod 2, 3, and even 4 times over the years.

Also for homeowners who cut and maintain the lawn themselves, it is an activity that might be enjoyable at first but after time the decision is often made to hire a gardener.

When you purchase an artificial turf lawn, the burden of maintenance costs and irrigation services will be a worry of the past. Synthetic grass provides homeowners with a lawn that is beautiful year round and requires little to no maintenance, also it is warranted for 15 years!

Fully Tested Quality Products & Installation

We offer the highest quality products that can fit your budget. All of our products are fully tested and are non-toxic and lead free, Consider artificial turf a safe landscape alternative for any home, business, or school.

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