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LAWKINGS – Most Trusted Artificial Turf Experts Serving Northridge

From schools, athletics training facilities, and municipalities to home & business owners, a growing number of individuals and organizations in Northridge and all through Southern California are turning to artificial grass for sustainable & versatile landscaping solutions.  Are you searching for artificial grass experts in Northridge for consultation, synthetic turf supply, or installation service?

You have arrived at the right place. We are Lawn Kings – the leading supplier of best quality synthetic grass products and landscaping services in Northridge.

Over the last two decades, Lawn Kings has served thousands of homeowners & businesses in the region. As a full-service landscape solution provider, we provide end-to-end services to our clients.

Whether you want to turn your backyard into a lush, synthetic grass lawn or want to add curb appeal to your residential or commercial property with artificial turf in Northridge, we are here to turn your ideas into reality.

Artificial Turf for Businesses in Northridge

As a business owner, you most certainly have bigger things to worry about than lawn maintenance or aesthetics of your commercial property. But, for any business, the first impression is crucial and so is the ability to reduce recurring costs.

Installing artificial turf at your business premises in Northridge is a great way to –

  • Minimize recurring costs
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce water bill
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Elevate the appearance of your commercial property

Do you own a shopping center, boutique, restaurant, corporate office, apartment complex, multi-family dwelling, fitness training facility, or pet care center? Quality artificial turf available in Northridge offers a number of benefits that make it a perfect landscaping solution for saving both time and money, while drawing in more customers.

Whether you operate in the food industry, have a car dealership, or run a storefront, artificial turf based landscaping solutions work well for all kinds of businesses.  Lawn Kings’ artificial turf is widely used for commercial landscaping, putting greens, sporting fields, tee lines, playgrounds, rooftops, etc. But, you don’t have to stop there. You can use synthetic turf to beautify some indoor walls, make your property’s entrance more stylish, or transform the space where you entertain or serve your customers.  The design possibilities with artificial turf are endless. You can come up with your unique ideas or our team of professional landscapers can help you find a theme that best fulfills the functional purpose while blending with the existing décor or landscape of your property.

Artificial turf is highly durable; it can last up to 20 years. At Lawn Kings, we provide a 15-year warranty on our commercial artificial turf installations in Northridge. In the long run, artificial turf installed in commercial spaces will pay for itself. If you consider the costs associated with natural grass lawns and similar, conventional landscaping solutions, synthetic turf installations that maintain a lush-appearance, all year-round will cover their cost (by saving you money each month) in about four to seven years. So, it’s a win-win for businesses.

Artificial Grass for Homeowners in Northridge

Artificial grass is already a popular material for residential landscaping in Southern California. Frequent spells of drought have forced homeowners in Southern California rethink natural grass lawns. Many in Northridge and neighboring cities have switched to synthetic grass lawns already.

But, homeowners don’t use artificial grass for front or back yard lawns alone; they use synthetic grass in different ways depending upon their needs and design preferences. While some use synthetic grass to add softness to their balconies or rooftops, others want to make their driveways, patios, decks, etc. look more stylish. Artificial grass can also be installed between cut stone pavers or used as pool surrounds.

You can also turn a playroom into a dedicated indoor playground for kids and pets, or create an indoor putting green. Since synthetic grass is flexible and can be cut in any size, you can lay it on the walls, place it on the slopes, and even use it to cover structural deformities or unsightly objects in your backyard. You can even carpet your living room with artificial grass or make a statement with a turf wall.

Over time, residential artificial grass installations provide a high return on investment if you factor in savings in time, effort, and money. Such upgrades also help increase the resale value of residential properties.

Main Benefits of Artificial Grass for Homeowners in Northridge

  • Completely safe for children and pets
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • Reduce spending on maintenance, water, fertilizer, and pesticide
  • No more lawn diseases
  • No more weeds and pests
  • No muddy puddles, discolored spots, or uneven patches
  • No more muddy foot/paw prints
  • Up to 20 years of life expectancy
  • Can be installed anywhere – outdoors or indoors
  • UV resistant
  • High resistance against stains and spills
  • UV stabilized

Main Benefits of Artificial Turf for Commercial Properties in Northridge

  • Can easily accommodate harsh climate, pets, and children
  • Can withstand three times more use than natural grass
  • A synthetic turf installation in Northridge can last up to 20 years
  • Stays green all year with minimal maintenance
  • Minimizes additional expensive costs associated with irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, gardeners, etc.
  • High ROI (return on investment)
  • Improved aesthetics help improve business reputation

Artificial Grass Installers in Northridge

Artificial grass or turf is the best solution for most residential and commercial landscape or hardscape applications. With recent innovations in technology and manufacturing, artificial grass available today is more durable than ever. You can even find turf that closely matches the natural grass found in your locality.

At Lawn Kings, we provide a variety of high-quality synthetic grass products made from non-toxic materials, in a variety of textures. You can choose any of the popular themes to improve the outdoor aesthetic of your property, including Drought Tolerant, Desertscape, English Garden, Traditional Socal, and Tropical or suggest a unique theme. Our landscape specialists will start with a theme of your choice, prepare a plan, and create a piece of art that will serve for you for a long time to come.

Since 1996, Lawn Kings has worked with large-scale businesses as well as individual homeowners. Whether you want a sprawling synthetic grass lawn in Northridge or just wish to upgrade your rooftop into a lively space, we are here to help. Our artificial grass installation specialists in Northridge can install synthetic grass at a rate of 600 sq ft per day after the substrate (target surface) is ready.

We encourage you to glance through some artificial turf installations that we’ve completed recently and the FAQ section. You can request a free quote for artificial grass in Northridge anytime.

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