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Lawn Kings synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. With just a few products and a little labor you can keep your turf looking fantastic for years.

Maintain the Clean

It’s not widely known or promoted often that the installation of synthetic grass is clean. To start with the turf fibers themselves are made of polypropylene the same material used to make disposable eating utensils, baby bottles, etc. Consider that natural soil and sod typically attract a variety of bugs, grubs, and mosquitos for example. Since synthetic turf uses a base material that is compacted these little creatures no longer have a habitat to dwell in. Keep in mind also that fertilizers, weed killers and associated chemicals are no longer required with synthetic grass as it is for natural sod.

Keeping the Surface Clean from Spills, Dust, Pollen, and Leaves

An occasional flush with the water hose is usually sufficient to remove dust and pollen. For leaves, twigs, and other items a leaf blower is an excellent option. A household or shop broom can be used or a professional turf care product like the Grandi Groom. When it rains it’s nature way of cleaning your synthetic grass.

Cleaning Stains and Other Blemishes

As you might expect it’s best to clean spills as soon as possible. The clean up is easier before whatever was spilled has dried and hardened. Clean up the affected area of any solid or paste-like deposits with a spatula or table knife and then blot up excess liquids with paper towels, a clean cloth, or a dry absorbent, we recommend our Superfill Infill or the Zeolite Infill which like kitty liter is specifically made to absorb moisture and prevent odors. Once the liquid is absorbed it can be vacuumed up.

How to Clean

Quality Lawn Kings synthetic grass fibers are resistant to staining and are generally durable and so clean up is typically easy. Yet some cleaning products are not recommended to apply to the entire synthetic grass surface. In other words, some cleaners, typically for oil-based stains, should be utilized for spot cleaning only. The proper method would be to apply the product to a rag or cloth first and then gently scrub on the blades and they with a clean rag or cloth remove any remaining cleaning product and stain.

WARNING – It’s best to stay away from cleaners that contain chlorine bleaches or caustic cleaners (9+ PH) or highly acidic cleaner (PH of 5 or below). Examples of cleaners NOT TO SATURATE the grass with but may be used for spot cleaning of oil-based stains and spills;

  • Mineral spirits
  • Grease spot remover like perchlorethylene (dry cleaning solution)
  • Paint thinner

WARNING: Mineral spirits and other petroleum-based solvents are flammable. DO NOT smoke or permit open flames near where these are being used. Also, be sure the area is well ventilated where solvent cleaners are used.

The above types of chemical cleaners can clean these and most oil-based stains such as;

Asphalt and tar
Chewing gum
Cooking oil
Shoe polish
Floor wax
Motor oil & grease
Paraffin wax
Ballpoint ink
Nail polish
Suntan oil

Grooming for a Natural Look & Grandi Groom

In high traffic areas fibers may lay over or mat down and if there is build-up of dirt and uncleaned stains. The solution is to brush up against the grain or forward orientation of the turf fibers. Doing this as needed or periodically essentially “fluffs-up” the fibers to restore natural “freshly” groomed look.

Never use a brush with metal or wire bristles as these can damage the taller fibers.

Synthetic Grass Care

Lawn Kings synthetic grass is manufactured with tough and durable fibers, but some precautions should be taken to prevent damage to the synthetic grass.

  • Artificial grass is flame retardant, so it won’t ignite but it can melt and burn! Cigarettes, fireworks, and open flames should be kept away from the grass.
  • Furniture and equipment with sharp or jagged edges should not be placed on turf as this may cause punctures or tears.
  • Never leave a parked vehicle idling on the grass.
  • Cap off or remove nearby sprinkler heads to avoid mineral or hard water deposits from staining the synthetic grass.
  • Make sure the artificial grass is not exposed to reflective sunlight windows as this may fuse the turf fibers together by burning or melting them.


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