Synthetic Grass and HOA’s

It may be the case that you just received a notice about your front yard (personally I got one about towels after the kids went swimming and left on the front porch to dry out – ending up costing me $50). These notices can be annoying but really and normally it’s an overall good. Keeping the neighborhood looking good is a laudable action and goal for the HOA.

If you live in an HOA and whether you received a notice or not we’d like to share our experience as it pertains to synthetic grass or artificial turf with HOA’s

Artificial Turf: Front Yard & Back Yard

In most instances HOA’s are concerned about the look of your front yard. On the other hand, it’s our experience that some beautiful communities like Bridgeport at Valencia for example has specifications and standards in place for the backyard as well. And why not? There are many walkways in the community where you see many lovely homes and their backyards over the water, a very nice neighborhood. (heard there are large bass in those unsuspected waters…)

Synthetic Grass Approval is Relatively Easy

If you’ve already completed, for example; a roofing project, painting, or other major exterior work, then you already know the process and character of your HOA. Whatever level of difficulty – or not, that experience was we think you’ll find synthetic grass / artificial turf will be at the lower end for approval.

HOA’s Artificial Turf Specification: Front Yard

Should you be an HOA board member or not, we imagine you’d want to establish or expect for your community, a good standard for artificial turf or synthetic grass in your neighborhood. In our experience HOA’s almost always establish good basic and minimum standards for the synthetic grass / artificial turf;

  • Pile Height: 1.75” – some turf is 1.5” or less and doesn’t look bad
  • Face Weight: 65 oz. – this is per sq. yard, it’s a little odd (because it is a weight with the fibers and without the backing) the higher the figure the fuller and lusher the product is.

In our experience about 60 or 70% of HOA’s insist on a Pile Height of 2”. There is a price increase from turf products that are lower in height and yet not significant. In our view the 1.5” can seem a little low but 1.75” to 2” is not so easy to discern.

HOA Installation Standard or Specification

Most, virtually all, and so far in our experience no HOA’s have  established a basic standard for synthetic grass installation. Homeowners and Commercial Projects as well as Public Schools and Parks choose us from referrals in addition to being fully licensed and bonded Lawn Kings, Inc. We would propose the very basic standards for artificial turf installation;

  • Compacted Base / Substrate Up to 3”
  • Artificial Turf  Set In Place With 5” or 6” Nails At Perimeter
  • Infill On Top of Synthetic Grass 1.5 Lbs. per sq. ft min, Preferably Zeolite / Antimicrobial Sand (50/50 mix)

Typical Artificial Turf Requirements

  • It is most likely you HOA will ask you for our product that meets their basic standards. If needed, we are happy to bring or deliver a sample(s) as requested, in addition we are used to also providing a test report from the independent laboratory we contract with to perform heavy metal testing plus a full battery of other analysis. These types of reports are available for all of our products. We have full documentation packages we can email to you quickly.

Artificial Grass A Good Decision

  • Good Looking Turf – Year Round!
  • Water Conservation – synthetic grass save, “…55 gallons of water per year.”
  • No Maintenance – virtually…, we can explain
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