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Are you searching for artificial turf experts in Granada Hills? Do you want to brighten up some areas of your property with synthetic turf? Are you in the mood to upgrade your lawn? Are you considering an indoor putting green? Look no further than Lawn Kings for the industry’s highest quality artificial grass products in Granada Hills. We don’t just supply authentic artificial grass turf in Granada Hills. As a full-service landscaping company, Lawn Kings provides end-to-end solutions to homeowners & businesses in the city.

We stay abreast with all major advancements in synthetic turf manufacturing that pour in every year and continue to upgrade your product line. We offer the widest variety of synthetic grass products in Granada Hills. You can evaluate multiple varieties of synthetic grass on-site, anytime. Whether it’s for a lawn, front/backyard, storefront, pet care center, playground, rooftop, balcony, or personal putting green – you can rest assured that Lawn Kings has the perfect artificial grass product for you.

Each of the synthetic turf installations completed by our team in Granada Hills is backed by a 15-year warranty. So, Lawn Kings guarantees you lasting peace of mind for many years to come!

Artificial Grass For Residential Properties in Granada Hills

There are numerous reasons why an increasingly large number of residential property owners in Granada Hills are planning to switch to artificial lawns. For example, you may want to spend less time on the upkeep of natural grass lawns that require irrigation, weeding, and reseeding year after year. Or, you may want to improve your property’s indoor/outdoor aesthetics. Whatever your reasons, switching to synthetic grass-based landscape and hardscape solutions can be a wise choice for your property and your wallet. 

In residential properties, artificial grass can be used for various purposes, including: 

  • Create an artificial grass lawn in the back yard or front yard 
  • Carpet the boys’ or girls’ room with synthetic grass 
  • Use synthetic grass as pool surrounds 
  • Beautify the pavers, driveway, deck, patio, etc. with artificial grass 
  • Create a lush, always-green garden on your balcony or terrace 
  • Create an indoor putting green 
  • Transform a kids’ or pets’ playroom into an indoor playground

Why Homeowners In Granada Hills Opt for Artificial Grass?

  • Child and pet-friendly play surface 
  • Made from non-toxic materials – completely safe for kids & pets 
  • Play golf anytime you want on an indoor/outdoor putting green 
  • No more mowing and no more moving your furniture 
  • No need to add fertilizers to keep the grass in good shape or pesticides to treat lawn diseases 
  • No more bald spots or uneven patches 
  • No more muddy puddles of water or muddy paw/footprints 
  • Easy to care – you can relax more 
  • Far less irrigation & maintenance costs in comparison to natural grass 
  • Extended life span of up to 20 years

Artificial Turf for Commercial Properties in Granada Hills

Do you want to enjoy the look & feel of natural grass while saving time, money, water, and resources with artificial turf? It is the perfect choice for any commercial landscaping project. 

Artificial turf installations in commercial spaces do not just help the environment; they also help improve your bottom line by significantly reducing costs associated with the maintenance of conventional landscaping solutions.   

An initial investment in artificial turf in commercial spaces in Granada Hills can be recouped in just four to seven years. So, the synthetic turf installation will pay for itself if you factor in various costs associated with conventional landscaping solutions. 

In commercial spaces, artificial turf can be used for various purposes, including: 

  • Dog runs and play areas 
  • Playgrounds and outdoor parks 
  • Surrounding lawns & landscaping 
  • Sports fields 
  • Putting greens 
  • Turf walls 
  • Area rugs in conference halls, meeting rooms, common sitting areas, etc.

Why Businesses In Granada Hills Opt for Artificial Grass?

  • Thick, lush texture all through the year 
  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Great for water conservation 
  • Extremely durable & drought resistant 
  • Stain and spill-resistant 
  • Long life and extreme durability 
  • Reduced carbon emissions 
  • Improved drainage 
  • It can be installed anywhere 
  • High return on investment

Artificial Grass Installation in Granada Hills by Experienced Landscapers

Whether it’s an apartment complex, single-family home, playground, lawn, park, shopping center, petrol station, recreation center, pet care center, athletic stadium, exhibition center, concert venue, retirement community, office complex, or any other type of property, our master landscapers are here to custom tailor the perfect artificial grass space for any residential or commercial application. 

Whatever your vision, our experienced landscapers can transform your indoor or outdoor space into a work of art in a time-bound manner. The pretty residential or commercial landscapes you see in Granada Hills or elsewhere in Southern California do not just happen on their own. It requires careful planning, design theme selection, and expert installation of synthetic turf to create landscapes that inspire. 

At Long Kings, we are specialists with over 20+ years of experience in artificial grass installation. Our team is ready to assist you from start to end. We help you select the right synthetic turf and the design theme while considering your style preferences. On the scheduled day of installation, our team of professional landscapers will install artificial turf at a rate of 600 sq ft per day at your property. 

Rest assured, our team has a deep love for detail. We do it well and do so the very first time. Our installations are designed to stand the test of time. At Lawn Kings, we take pride in having transformed the most drought-affected lawns into spectacular landscapes in Southern California.

World-Class Artificial Grass/Turf Product in Granada Hills

At Lawn Kings, we have various options in artificial grass products for Granada Hills’ homeowners & businesses to choose from. We have plenty of varieties that take into consideration where you live in Southern California, what you want your synthetic grass lawn to look like, how much wear & tear you expect it to withstand comfortably, and more.

Whether you require artificial turf for sports/recreational activities, home use or decorative purposes, you can always find a suitable variety of synthetic turf at Lawn Kings. At any given moment, we have more than 35 different varieties of artificial grass products available.

We have extremely durable artificial turf made from Polyethylene & Monoslide yarn for high-use sports fields that can withstand extreme wear & tear while preventing common athletic injuries.

For indoor/outdoor putting greens in homes or commercial properties, we provide high-end synthetic grass made from Polyethylene Fiber with triple-layer backing. This artificial turf for putting greens is available in Granada Hills in different color options, including Hunter Green, Olive Green, Emerald Green, and Kings Combo Mix.

We can provide the best variety of artificial grass for each application, whether it’s a film & television set, sports field, putting green, backyard lawn, rooftop garden, turf wall, or anything else.

Lawn Kings – Proudly Serving Granada Hills

Are you looking for a full bonded, insured, reliable and experienced team of master installers in Granada Hills for an upcoming landscaping project? As a professional landscaper & landscape designer serving Granada Hills and several other cities in Southern California for over two decades, Lawn Kings is here to help. 

We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have provided world-class services in the region since 1996. 

You can look at some recently completed projects by Lawn Kings to understand how our master installers have transformed ordinary spaces into breathtaking landscapes. 

We always encourage our clients to look at the work we have done in the past.  

You can contact us for more details. You can book a consultation, request a free quote for artificial grass in Granada Hills, or just ask for solid, professional advice. We are here to help. 

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