Allergies and Artificial Turf: Loving the Absence of Pollen and Molds


Spring is in the air Spring has finally arrived and we will soon be enjoying the beautiful weather that is Southern California. Most people look forward to this season but there are those who look forward to the Spring and Summer seasons with mixed feelings. Including Southern California there are 60 million people across the country who view these seasons as challenging times because of those annoying, pesky allergies. As the season of summer approaches Claire Gagné suggests that for those with grass allergies, a lush lawn can be the bane of summer since a “Grass allergy is one of the [...]

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Animal Shelters & Lawn Kings, Inc.


Animal Shelters & Lawn Kings, Inc. Lawn Kings, Inc. has completed 1000’s of high quality synthetic grass or artificial turf installations for many kinds of applications such as; residential landscape, schools, parks, playgrounds, churches, hotels, shopping malls, and animal shelters as well. Owners and managers of animal shelters recognize the difficulty or near impossibility of maintaining natural sod for the animals under their care at shelters. Synthetic grass or artificial turf remains green and very importantly when installed properly will drain well and be installed in a professional manner that will prevent ammonia and other odors in addition to mold and [...]

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What is Artificial Grass Infill and What are the Types?


Types of Artificial Grass Infill Natural Sod Natural grass blades are resilient and typically grow upward when healthy and well-watered. When activities occur on the surface the blades will return to the original position and shape as part of the normal growth process.   Synthetic Grass Synthetic grass obviously doesn’t have the growth process described above and yet its blades also need a way to remain in the original upright position in order to look good and natural. This is essentially a mechanical function performed by the infill. The function of the infill is to keep the artificial turf as good [...]

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Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) and Artificial Turf


Synthetic Grass and HOA’s It may be the case that you just received a notice about your front yard (personally I got one about towels after the kids went swimming and left on the front porch to dry out – ending up costing me $50). These notices can be annoying but really and normally it’s an overall good. Keeping the neighborhood looking good is a laudable action and goal for the HOA. If you live in an HOA and whether you received a notice or not we’d like to share our experience as it pertains to synthetic grass or artificial turf [...]

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Artificial Turf vs. Natural SOD Cost Analysis


Synthetic Grass Cost Analysis Rather than writing paragraphs and paragraphs we’re thinking we’d like to show you the money – so to speak. Please see the figures presented below for an analysis Synthetic Grass Cost / Artificial Turf Cost vs. Natural Sod.  Conservatively, you can expect to break even on your investment in synthetic grass in 4 or 5 years. One real world item to consider is, in our experience and maybe yours as well, is that we have completed projects where homeowners and commercial property owners/managers have replaced the natural sod in their yards or areas; 2, 3, 4, and [...]

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Common Sense Reasons To Choose Artificial Grass


Advantages of Artificial Turf or Synthetic Grass It’s becoming common place now for people to turn to artificial grass or astro turf for a number of reasons. Not everyone likes the desert look that consists of decomposed granite (DG) and drought tolerant plants. People select synthetic grass also because they’d like to utilize the space for backyard sports and other activities. Another major reason people go with artificial turf is they are simply tired of the maintenance and expense with keeping natural sod. Of course, water conservation is also a factor. The benefits of artificial turf we believe far outweigh natural [...]

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Lawn Kings – Synthetic Turf Maintenance & Care


LAWN KINGS INC. - Synthetic Grass Specialists Lawn Kings synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. With just a few products and a little labor you can keep your turf looking fantastic for years. Maintain the Clean It’s not widely known or promoted often that the installation of synthetic grass is clean. To start with the turf fibers themselves are made of polypropylene the same material used to make disposable eating utensils, baby bottles, etc. Consider that natural soil and sod typically attract a variety of bugs, grubs, and mosquitos for example. Since synthetic turf uses a base material that is compacted [...]

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Busting Myths About Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf!!!


Artificial Turf / Synthetic Turf: Myth Busting! Over the years we’ve run into several, persistent and we think incorrect ideas about artificial turf that we (and we want to be kind here,) think are simply misconceptions. In this post we’ll refer to these misconceptions as “myths”. These myths range from artificial grass being; too expensive, having unsafe materials, to synthetic grass not draining well, not good for pets, and several others. It seems that when homeowners and commercial buyers hear about all the benefits synthetic grass offers, some people think artificial grass is too good to be true. They assume that [...]

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Lawn Kings: Synthetic Grass / Artificial Turf Price Guide 2018


HOW MUCH DOES SYNTHTIC GRASS / ARTIFICIAL TURF COST TO INSTALL? This will be a rather long and very detailed explanation. It is meant for those of you who Guys & Gals who want to dig into the nuts and bolts of a typical Lawn Kings Synthetic Grass Installation. But if you’re looking for a short and quick answer now just give us a call for a Free Over-The-Phone Estimate: (661) 310-9375 or (818) 340-3640. We will ask you a few basic questions; Front Yard, Backyard – both? Approximate Square Footage or Dimensions? If you don’t know that’s not a problem [...]

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Why Select LAWN KINGS Synthetic Grass?


Why Select LAWN KINGS Synthetic Grass? There are numerous and compelling reasons to select synthetic grass, regardless of the supplier or installer, however having a good installation by an experienced crew is paramount. Take house painting for example, you could have the best most expensive paint in the world but if the painter is inexperienced, doesn’t prepare the surface properly, does poor work, etc. you will end up with a finished project you won’t like. Compelling Reasons to Select Synthetic Grass Tired – seems like an odd reason, right? Yet we have heard from homeowners and managers of commercial properties [...]

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