How To Care For Your Artificial Grass?


One of the most enticing characteristics of artificial grass is that it does not necessitate the same level of care and upkeep as a natural grass lawn. That means to have green grass in your house, you'll never have to go through all the hassle of mowing aerating, or wasting water again.  However, this does not imply that artificial turf is entirely maintenance-free; to keep your synthetic grass looking its best and get the most enjoyment out of your investment, you will need to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. So, you've finally made the switch to artificial grass [...]

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Understanding the Longevity of Artificial Grass


Gone are the days when artificial turf was only installed on sports fields and other high-traffic locations where green grass is needed year-round because of its uniform look and minimal maintenance requirements. Today, It's a wise decision for homeowners to invest in artificial grass. And for a homeowner, durability is a significant purchasing factor. Artificial grass has a reputation for lasting a long time. In fact, it is said to endure anywhere from 20 to 25 years. However, several things influence its lifetime, including the amount of use and frequent maintenance it receives. So, to answer the ever-so-common question about the [...]

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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Grass and Turf for Your Home


A lawn is one of the most significant components of any outdoor living space and the first impression to any guests since it is the traditional picture of every American home. Aside from its aesthetic value, grass lawns are a terrific place for children and dogs to play. We now have the option of having a genuine grass lawn or an artificial grass lawn, thanks to technological breakthroughs.  Because of its many advantages over real grass, artificial grass is gaining popularity in house yards, sports centers, and hotels all over the world. Artificial grass is a versatile and economical choice for [...]

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How Can I Clean the Turf if I Share it With My Pets?


One of the most common questions we receive at Lawn Kings is, "How can I clean the turf if I share it with my pets?" The answer? It's simple. Artificial turf has different characteristics than that of a living lawn. So while cleaning up after your dog does require a little more effort than real grass, it's usually as simple as a quick rinse of the turf with an environmentally friendly cleaner. WHEN SHOULD I WASH MY TURF? It is recommended to wash/clean your turf appropriately for the size of your yard. The frequency of cleaning depends on the number [...]

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How Much Water Can You Save by Going with Turf Grass?


Water is our most valuable natural resource, yet it is also the of the most squandered of resources. As a result, many local governments in the country have begun to impose limitations on water consumption, and they are pushing citizens to save water in any manner they can, including by giving rebates. The most efficient strategy to cut your water use is to get rid of your thirsty natural grass. So, what can be a viable alternative?  Whether you're a homeowner hoping for rain in drought-stricken Southern California, or you live somewhere that hasn't been touched by the drought that has [...]

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5 Reasons Why Pets Love Artificial Grass


We're frequently asked if our artificial grass is safe for pets, and the good news is that it is! In fact, many of our customers come to us expressly because they are having difficulty maintaining their lawn with a pet. Keeping grass looking lush and green may be difficult, especially for pet owners who must deal with animal litter, stains, and digging damage. However, it is absolutely critical for pets to have a secure, inviting environment in which to run and play, and artificial grass provides the ideal answer! We offer a wide range of amazingly realistic-looking grass to our consumers. [...]

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5 Common Artificial Grass Myths Debunked


There are a few misunderstandings about artificial grass that just aren't true – from being too expensive to appearing false to being terrible for the environment – and these myths may be preventing you from choosing synthetic turf in your residential apartment or commercial property. In this article, we address some of the most frequent fallacies about artificial turf, so you can be certain that it is the best option for you. Myth 1: Synthetic Grass Looks Fake When synthetic grass was initially developed, it may have appeared artificial and unlike natural grass. Nevertheless, synthetic turf has dramatically improved over the [...]

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What to Know Before You Go With Artificial Grass?


Are you considering purchasing synthetic grass for your home? A fake lawn is a terrific method to improve curb appeal while lowering upkeep expenses, but there are a few things to consider before ripping up your grass and replacing it with synthetic turf. Growing consumer awareness about water conservation and the heavy toll that traditional lawn upkeep takes on our global water supply are two major factors for the rising interest in artificial grass. Outdoor water consumption accounts for a startling 60% of all home water use in Southwestern states, where dry conditions and constant high temperatures necessitate extensive yearly yard [...]

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Artificial Grass and Pets: Everything You Need to Know


The most often asked question by our customers thinking about installing an artificial lawn is, 'Is synthetic grass safe for pets?’ Many pet owners understandably grow irritated when they have to wipe their pet's muddy paws after he or she has been outside in the garden. And the dirt they bring inside not only makes a mess, but it may also cause your property to smell, as well as bring in unpleasant creatures like fleas and ticks. Furthermore, actual grass might present a slew of possible health risks to your dog. For these reasons, 'pet-proof synthetic grass' appeals to a wide [...]

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How Eco-Friendly Is Artificial Grass?


With the dramatic technological advancement of the past two decades, we have become capable of synthesizing practically anything - from virtual meet-ups to sheep clones - science has its feet dipped in everything. But, considering our planet’s current climatic status, the subject of the environmental sustainability of the things we use in our lives is quite frequent. Synthetic grass has been the subject of similar debates since its introduction in the mid-sixties, and many people are still dubious if it is good for our planet. Since its inception, it has been quite popular among property owners. One of the most significant [...]

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