When it comes to your young ones running around, it’s important to create a safe and reliable area for them to play and have outdoor fun. Kids should have a dependable and durable surface that will allow them to enjoy themselves. A synthetic grass lawn is a great landscape alternative that is not only beautiful year round but one that is also very safe.

Lawn Kings synthetic grass utilizes polypropylene in the manufacture of the turf fibers. The same material used to manufacture; disposable eating utensils, baby bottles, and Rubbermaid® products, for example. So, the synthetic grass product is very safe for families and pets. Lawn Kings sends out all products to be full tested for lead content in addition to a battery of other tests. In short, we offer a safe, fully tested, clean product.

No Fertilizers or Pesticides -Synthetic grass does not require any chemicals to maintain the healthy green throughout the year. Keep in mind our turf and installation method does not provide food or living area for worms, grubs, and bugs so pest problems are virtually eliminated. In addition to saving money, not using pesticides and fertilizers is a good for the environment as well.

All of our turf products are kid and pet friendly, non- toxic and lead free! Synthetic Grass Warehouse provides products that are soft, realistic and non-abrasive, creating a safe and dependable play area. Unlike real grass that releases allergens and lacks cushioning, artificial turf rids the fear of your little ones getting injured. Our synthetic turf products provide a safe, clean, and dependable play area for your kids.

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