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At Lawn Kings Inc., our Los Angeles artificial grass specialists take pride in offering top-quality artificial grass solutions that redefine the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to transform your residential lawn, enhance a commercial area, or create a low-maintenance landscape, our range of premium artificial grass products is designed to meet your every need.

Lawn Kings Inc., offers Los Angeles Homeowners, DIYer’s, and Commercial & Public Project Managers, top-quality synthetic artificial grass. Lawn King offers everything needed to transform yards and other areas, into low­ maintenance, eco­-friendly artificial turf lawns for applications such as:

Homes and Residential Communities
Putting Greens and Golf Courses
Businesses and Commercial Developments
Highway Medians and Parkways
Pet Parks and Kennels

Quality Synthetic Grass & Artificial Grass



All our artificial turf products are backed by a 15­year Warranty. It provides you peace of mind for all our installation such as a; front yard, backyard, playground, pet hotel, putting green, storefront, or business park. As an innovator in the industry, we have the unique opportunity of providing the highest quality products for our customers than can fit anyone’s budget. We also extensive industry experience and artificial grass installation expertise.

High Quality Artificial Grass

LAWN KINGS, INC. provides high­ quality artificial grass that is made to look and feel like real grass without the constant hassle of lawn upkeep and expense. Our unique turf yarns are designed for superior look, feel and performance. In addition, they are fully tested by an independent laboratory. Synthetic grass never needs to be cut, trimmed, or edged, also no fertilizers and pesticides, or other chemicals are required. After installation artificial grass can last more than 15 years. You’ll save thousands of dollars simply by cutting out traditional turf’s labor­ intensive maintenance costs and supplies.
Why let your once­ manicured lawn turn brown and disheveled when there is a less expensive, aesthetically­ pleasing option you can add to your residential landscaping? Bring relief to your water bills while improving your home’s outward appearance with LAWN KINGS, INC.’s artificial grass today!

We Service All of Los Angeles County & Surrounding Areas

Los Angeles often called the “City of Angels”. Interesting to know original Spanish name is rather long and it’s in dispute by Californian historians. LA which is so much easier to say, has a population of about 4 million but the Los Angeles Metropolitan area including the coastal areas approach 19 million people! You’ll notice on the Wikipedia page there isn’t a separate paragraph on the topic of “water”. But there should be, since there’s a fascinating history involved with bringing water to Los Angeles & Southern California and because Angelinos know the city would not exist without it. Even back in 1900 the water system was under pressure from the population of just over 100,000. And so, William Mulholland, a “self­-taught” engineer (which means he was not actually a trained engineer?) started and then completed the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913.
Water is still a huge concern. A program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, WaterSense, estimates a family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day, and 30 percent is for outdoor use – so 120 gallons per day! It doesn’t rain that much down here, not many rivers nearby.

Affordable Artificial Grass For Your Home or Business

LAWN KINGS sells high quality and affordable artificial grass supplies & synthetic turf products. There’s no need to spend a fortune in the yard. Contact us for a free estimate on Artificial Grass, and we’ll show you how affordable it is – both short term and long term!

Los Angeles Customers Save Water with Lawn Kings Artificial Grass

LAWN KINGS, INC. installs high quality turf with a 15­year warranty and 2­year labor warranty to many homeowners concerned with water conservation. The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) estimates that every square foot of synthetic turf saves 55 gallons of water per year. LAWN KINGS installs high quality artificial grass to Los Angeles homeowners and also to these districts and neighborhoods in L.A.; Atwater Village, Baldwin Hills, Bel Air, Benedict Canyon, Brentwood, Bunker Hill, Century City, Cheviot Hills, Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Elysian Heights, Fairfax, Hancock Park, Harbor City, Highland Park, Hyde Park, Lake Balboa, Lake View Terrace, Larchmont, Laurel Canyon, Lincoln Heights, Mount Olympus, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey, San Pedro, Silver Lake, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Venice, Westchester, West Los Angeles, Westwood.

FAQ About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass from Lawn Kings Inc. is primarily made of high-quality synthetic fibers, specifically polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyurethane . These materials are durable and designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.

Answer:With proper care and maintenance, our artificial grass can last up to 25 years. Its longevity is influenced by factors such as foot traffic, UV exposure, and maintenance.

 Yes! Lawn Kings Inc.’s artificial grass is non-toxic and safe for both children and pets. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and is designed to be soft and cushiony for play. We have 3rd party testing that show no traces of lead.

Maintenance is minimal. Regularly brush the grass to keep it standing upright and looking natural. Rinse off spills, and if needed, you can use a mild detergent for tougher stains. Removing debris and leaves will also help to keep it looking pristine.

It’s generally recommended to remove existing natural grass and prepare the base properly before installing artificial turf. This ensures longevity, drainage, and a level surface. We install to the Synthetic Turf Counsels guidelines under our State contractors license. 

Lawn Kings Inc.’s artificial grass is designed with a permeable backing that allows water to drain through, similar to natural grass. Proper installation also involves creating a slight gradient for efficient drainage. We only use the most advanced technology that includes drainage between 30 and 90 gallons per square yard an hour. 

Our grass is treated with UV stabilizers to minimize fading from sun exposure. While all products will experience some wear over time, our artificial grass is designed to retain its color for years. 

While the initial investment in artificial grass can be higher, the long-term costs are lower. You save on watering, mowing, fertilizing, and other lawn maintenance. No need for harmful fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides Over the years, these savings can offset the initial cost.

Yes, Lawn Kings Inc. offers a warranty on its artificial grass products. The specific terms and duration vary depending on the product, but rest assured that our grass is designed to last and we stand by its quality.

Many of our products are designed with environmental sustainability in mind and are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. We recommend contacting us or reviewing the specific product details to understand its recyclability.

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