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Countless homes, offices, schools, golf courses, recreation centers, parks, pet care centers, sports facilities, fitness training centers, and shopping centers in Southern California have turned to artificial grass because it provides a lush, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal maintenance & resources while saving water. Over the last few years, we have also noticed an increased interest in artificial grass installations in Thousand Oaks.  

Why wouldn’t individual homeowners & organizations turn to artificial grass in a region that experiences a long spell of drought conditions every year? But, artificial grass in Thousand Oaks or elsewhere isn’t just a substitute for natural grass. Artificial turf is extremely versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere. It is a smart solution for beautifying any space, be it indoors or outdoors. You can lay it on the floor, place it along the wall, or put it out in the open. 

At Lawn Kings, we are proud to have completed thousands of artificial grass/turf installations in and around Thousand Oaks over the last two decades. We welcome all those who’ve been referred to us by our previous customers to check our past work

We have a variety for just about any kind of requirement available. For instance, our Hollywood Grass is perfect for film & television sets, Bermuda is ideal for pet training areas or children’s playgrounds, and Wonder Edge is suitable if you want to have synthetic grass placed around trees or roots. Different varieties of artificial grass or turf available with us in Thousand Oaks are all made from high-quality material; you can choose a variety in a color of your choice depending upon the form or function.

Residential Artificial Grass Installation in Thousand Oaks

Let’s be honest. Maintenance of natural grass is a pain. It’s highly labor-intensive. It takes a lot of work to keep a natural grass lawn looking neat and groomed. Plus, it uses a lot of water and requires routine upkeep. 

Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires little upkeep and looks perfect year-round. It is non-toxic, requires little or no water, and helps the environment. Therefore, maintenance load in the case of artificial grass is non-existent in comparison to natural grass. 

Artificial grass lawns, play areas, dog runs, etc., are perfectly safe for kids and pets. There is no risk of potholes, harmful chemicals, or uneven surfaces. 

Ongoing advances in material science and manufacturing technologies have made it so that artificial grass available today in Thousand Oaks is a world apart from the artificial grass of yesteryears. At Lawn Kings, we continue to update our product range in tune with the latest advancements in this space. 

Today, artificial grass looks and feels so real that only squirrels can tell the difference. It requires no water, no mowing, no fertilizers, and never turns brown, even during the cold spell. Artificial grass, whether it’s used to add character and vibrancy to a living space indoors or for other purposes outdoors, is a worthwhile investment. Over time, it pays for itself and boosts the resale value of your property. 

Do you want to transform your front or back yard into a lush new outdoor living area? Are you thinking of creating a cozy play area for your kids with high-end synthetic fibers? Do you wish to remodel your balcony or terrace? 

Whether you have a full lawn to remodel or a dull driveway or walkway that you want to brighten up with synthetic grass, our professional landscapers in Thousand Oaks can help you from start to end.

Artificial Turf for Commercial Establishments in Thousand Oaks

Synthetic turf can be used to brighten up a boring, lifeless environment in workplaces. It can transform a landscape with minimal investment. From putting greens, playgrounds, and athletic sports fields to rooftop gardens, waiting areas, and urban landscaping – artificial turf is now widely used for various applications. Artificial turf is also great for use indoors in commercial spaces. It is becoming increasingly popular for corporate events, exhibitions, etc. 

Gone are the days when artificial turf was used only for developing sports pitches. Here are the top benefits businesses stand to accrue when they opt for artificial turf in Thousand Oaks. 

  • Artificial turf in your Thousand Oaks property will stay green 365 days a year; it provides you with durable, everlasting greenery 
  • Provides a high return on investment (ROI) due to reduced water bills and minimal maintenance 
  • Artificial turf eliminates the need for fertilizers, pesticides, mowing, watering, and gardening; it stays clean and allergen-free  
  • No muddy puddles of water, weeds, discolored spots, or bald patches 
  • Artificial turf can withstand the elements as well as extreme wear and tear in commercial environments that experience high foot traffic  
  • Artificial turf installations have an extended life expectancy of around 15 to 20 years

Consider this – an 1800 sq ft lawn of synthetic turf will save around 99,000 gallons of water every year. Artificial turf pays for itself within a period of about four to seven years. After that, it just adds up to the savings.

Artificial Grass/Turf Installation in Thousand Oaks

Just like the Lawn Kings’ extensive artificial grass/turf product range, our installations are also unique. Although artificial grass/turf installation is a highly technical and laborious process, we have streamlined everything for you, the property owner. Here are the steps to a minimum-maintenance surface of your dreams: 

  • You discuss your needs and ideas with one of our local artificial grass specialists in Thousand Oaks 
  • You choose a specific grass or turf suitable for your unique requirement 
  • Our team provides you with a free estimate 
  • Our team schedules a visit to your premises and prepare the surface for synthetic turf installation 

Artificial grass or turf installation is more than just the synthetic grass/turf itself. Not many people realize that it’s a complete landscaping system. For instance, the fibers create the blades, and the infill keeps them standing up; the drainage happens through synthetic grass backing, and the whole system rests on the substrate (soil or any other surface), which needs to be prepared in advance. 

As full-service professional landscapers serving Thousand Oaks, we assist you from start to end. We do it right the first time, and our installations are designed to stand the test of time. At Lawn Kings, our team of professionals can install synthetic grass/turf at a rate of around 600 sq ft per day. So, if it’s a residential garden, dog run, or balcony/rooftop garden, our team can be in and out in just two days. Larger landscaping projects involving sports fields, playgrounds, putting greens, etc., typically require more time. But, once we commit to a deadline, you can always rely on Lawn Kings to deliver on that date.

Lawn Kings – Proudly Serving the Thousand Oaks Community

We have been the trusted artificial grass installation specialists for the Thousand Oaks community for over two decades. Since 1996, we have been providing turnkey solutions to homeowners and businesses in Thousand Oaks and all through Southern California. 

At Lawn Kings, we install the highest quality artificial grass or turf for different environments in Thousand Oaks. We have worked with large-scale organizations that manage film sets, parks, recreation centers, etc., as well as individual homeowners who needed to beautify their single-family homes, apartments, or villas. For us, no job is too big or too small. 

Rough terrain, harsh climate, pets, or children – our artificial turf can withstand everything. We are confident of the quality of artificial grass/turf we provide. Once our team installs artificial grass in your Thousand Oaks home, it will stand the test of time. So, artificial grass installations in Thousand Oaks by Lawn Kings are backed by a 15-year warranty.

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