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47,590 New Homes and Santa Clarita Valley

The “sweet life” we suppose is anywhere that’s comfortable for you, be it California, New York, or elsewhere. 

Ghostbuters II, Peter Venkman: Only a *Carpathian* would…  choose New York! – If you had brain one…, you would be living the sweet life out in Southern California’s beautiful San Fernando Valley!

Southern California certainly isn’t everyone’s ideal place to live but large housing developers and well known home builders are certainly counting on a lot of people across the country to be interested. Six major housing development projects are projected to add over 47,000 new homes and we propose Lawn Kings synthetic grass is an option each new homeowner should consider. First let’s take a look at the projects and further below we’ll describe a little bit about each project.

       Project & Housing Units

Newhall Ranch Project

Lots of new homes, the Newhall Ranch project will build some 22,000 units on 15,000 acres or about 23 square miles it’s huge. A unique aspect of this development is the “net-zero” description, which means there are no greenhouse gas emissions achieved through on-site solutions such as; solar panels, built in electric vehicle charging capability, and open space. And the emissions are mitigated through direct investment in specific programs or projects in coordination with an accredited carbon registry, such as the Climate Action Reserve.

Newhall Ranch’s Net Zero Project

Construction began in October 2018 on the $12 billion, 21,500-home Newhall Ranch project near the Magic Mountain theme park. Plans call for eliminating all greenhouse gases through a combination of on-site energy -conservation solutions and off-site investment in carbon reduction programs. Los Angeles County supervisors approved the first 5,500 homes in the Landmark and Mission Villages. Synthetic Grass, or artificial turf certainly fits within the concept of low carbon emissions and also water conservation of course. No mowing or trimming, no fertilizers, and green all year round.

Newhall Ranch Villages

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The Centennial project was first proposed back in 1999. Last december th Board of Supervisors gave its approval to move forward with 19,333 homes on some 5,000 acres in Tejon Ranch before Grapevine and just off the I5 freeway and near the Highway 138. The development is expected to include parks, schools, a sheriff station and will be a small city essentially.

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Vista Canyon

This project is developed in part by JPI  which the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) recently named JPI the eighth largest apartment developer in the country. The Vista Canyon project describes itself as the first community in Santa Clarita to be “car optional.” The community is 185 acres in size  and includes both houses and luxury apartment and up to 4,000 permanent jobs.

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Tesoro Del Valle – Phase II

Phase I of this housing project has already been completed and in November 2018 the Los Angeles County Planning Commission approved phase two. The process then has the project sent to the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors for final approval. The project is planned to be built in unincorporated area of Los Angeles County north of Santa Clarita city limits, between West Creek and San Francisquito Canyon. The size is about 1,200 acres and will have approximately 820 homes.

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Northlake Project

Some 3,150 residential units are planned to be built on 1,300 acres, located north of Lake Hughes and Ridge Route Road and east of the I-5 freeway. Like other projects it had been on hold for quite some time. This Northlake project had been on hold since ‘92 until the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved it in September 2018. Phase I of the project is already underway and some of the unity are to be set aside as affordable housing.

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Skyline Ranch

Skyline Ranch project construction has already begun, it will eventually include 1,220 homes on 450 acres of land. It’s located between Mint Canyon on the east and southeast, Plum Canyon Road on the west, Bouquet Canyon Road to the northwest and Vasquez Canyon Road to the northeast. 

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